Know the Consumer Credit options

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You are a professional, you have a stable job and a family. Although you have no problems with finances, you are always on the lookout for opportunities that optimize your money. Therefore, lately you have thought about resorting to a consumer credit. Consumer loans are intended to meet personal financial needs. Payment of tuition, purchase of furniture, travel and celebration of events are some of the items for which you can use this type of loan. Do you need money to finance any of these items or anything else you want? A consumer loan may be what you are looking for. The best? You will have access to resources immediately.

You need money?

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There are always things that we want to materialize, a small renovation at home or simply take your family to those dream vacations. This and more is possible with a consumer credit. Are you worried that it is a financial instrument that you cannot pay later? You don’t have to mortify yourself. These types of loans have flexible terms so that you can pay off the debt in installments and convenient terms. The first thing you should know before contracting a consumer loan is that it differs from other instruments. The requirements are not as demanding or numerous and it is not such a large amount of money, but it will serve what you need.

Consumer credit is one of the easiest instruments to access, since the amounts are small and are used for short-term projects. You as a client must record the necessary documentation and demonstrate that you have the ability to pay to return the borrowed money. The point above point is important. Remember that fulfilling your commitments will open doors for you to larger loans and consequently you will have a better quality of life.

Options to process a consumer credit

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You can apply for this type of loan in a traditional bank or other type of financial entities such as cooperatives. The process consists of a series of requirements that the lender will evaluate in order to grant you the credit. Have you thought about applying for a consumer credit, but don’t know which option to choose? The market has innumerable alternatives to which you can turn according to your preferences and ability to pay.

At Capital Lender we have you closer to the possibility of accessing a loan even when you have not had a chance with traditional banking. We offer you the opportunity to obtain a consumer loan in a simple way and without cumbersome processes. We have more than 60 years in the Chilean financial market. Our work is aimed at providing you with the well-being you need to grow and improve your quality of life. 


Know the Consumer Credit options

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At Capital Lender we have several options that you can evaluate for your consumer credit. You can learn about our products by approaching the nearest branch, where our team will be in charge of answering all your questions. In addition, we make our web portal available to you. From this platform you can consult our products and even simulate consumer credit. In this way, you will have a preliminary idea of ​​the process. You only have to enter some data.

Quote before doing the procedure

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Although a consumer loan does not involve large amounts of money, it is still a debt that you will assume and then you will have to pay. For this reason, before making the application process, we recommend that you quote your loan. Quoting a consumer loan will help you compare the benefits and advantages of each loan option. In addition, you can assess if the amount you will pay is the least or the most convenient, according to your options.

As previously mentioned, the Capital Lender has a space on our website where you can perform a credit simulation. The first thing when quoting will be to read the loan terms and conditions in detail. After all, it’s about your money and you must understand every line of the documents you manage. To quote your consumer credit you only need to know the amount, interest rates, number of installments and terms. In this way, you will be able to know the best option according to what you want to pay monthly.


The financial market has multiple alternatives and financial products so you can have immediate money. However, not all options and conditions are suitable for all types of profiles. Before applying for your consumer credit, evaluate all your options and choose the one that best suits your needs and financial situation. Apply for your consumer credit and dare to make your projects come true quickly and without complications.